Prescott Learning Centre


Guy Humphreys

About Me

I am delighted for the opportunity to teach with the Prescott team this year! I became certified as a teacher in 2016 at 39 years old, after previously working in customer service and banking. Shortly afterwards I completed a successful 3 month (April - June) contract at St Joseph’s school in Whitecourt teaching grade 4, 9 and 11. I became a very regularly requested sub for the next 3 years, choosing to specialize in the elementary level in 3 different school divisions and spending some time covering grade 3 and 4 classes for extended medical leaves in both sturgeon and parkland divisions. I am an amateur guitarist and drummer of 25 years, and being originally from the UK, I enjoy watching and playing soccer in my spare time as well as spending quality time with my wife and four young children. Looking forward to a fantastic year! :)