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Ryan Chiles

Grade 6 Teachers

About Me

Good day!

My name is Ryan Chiles and I am a teacher at Prescott Learning Centre!

I graduated from the University of Alberta in 2011 with a Bachelor's degree in Education with a social studies major and an english minor. I filled most of my options with history and political science, which in retrospect made for a very demanding workload, however, I'm passionate about  both history and politics so I would do it all over again. From understanding distant and complex worldviews to learning about imperial wartime strategies, I see social studies as a living, breathing entity that requires thorough investigation and thought provoking discussions.

Where neither history nor political science courses were available I pursued my passion of fitness, adding a nutrition course to my repertoire along with 10 years of gym training under my belt.

If my love of fitness was a hot summer day, my love of music would be a backyard barbeque. I have played in a band since 2000 and have enjoyed the vast experiences that come along with that. From recording albums and playing concerts to basement jam sessions and collaborative writing, music is a part of my life I simply could not live without.