Prescott Learning Centre



We are so excited to be entering into our third year at Prescott Learning Centre and so delighted to be welcoming your children back again! Here are a couple of important reminders from the office for you as the year begins:

Data Verification and Important Forms

  • Please ensure that you have logged into your PowerSchool Account to:
    • Verify your contact information
    • Click to "Sign" the following forms online:
      • Responsible Use of Technology Agreement
      • Locker Use Agreement
      • FOIP 
      • CASL Forms 


  • If you need to contact your child's teacher, all staff can be reached via email and information is shared via the classroom blog. Click here to find your child's teacher and their contact information and classroom blogs.

Reporting Student Absences

  • Although we wish all students could be here all of the time, we do understand that there are times when your child will be absent. If you child is absent, you can notify our office by calling in and leaving a message 780-571-8079 or by sending an email to and your child’s teacher.

Outside Pick Up and Drop Off Supervision & Times

  • Outside supervision for students being dropped off in the morning begins at 8:15am. If you drop your student off before this time, please ensure that they wait inside the front entrance of the school until 8:15am to ensure their safety.
  • Supervision is provided outside until 3:15pm for student pickup.

Student Drop Off & Pick Up Zones

  • There are a limited number of parking spaces in the front of the school. If you arrive at the school and there aren’t any spaces available, please park on the street in front of the school. Parking in the middle of the road in the drop off zone is never OK and creates safety hazards for children and increases the likelihood for drivers (who might be backing out or leaving their parking spot) of not being able to see your child/children.

  • Beaverbrook does not allow Prescott parents to park in their lot as it is a separate business and those spots are for community members accessing the services at Beaverbrook.

  • We have been informed by Spruce Grove Bylaw Enforcement that they will be issuing tickets beginning tomorrow, September 5th, to Prescott parents who park in the Beaverbrook parking lot, as well as to those who use the handicap parking stalls without a tag.

  • Also, please do not drop off or pick up in the Staff Parking lot at the back.

Scooters & Skateboards

We now have Scooter Docks for students to lock up their scooters and skateboards...Thank you PLCFF!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office or your child's teacher.