Prescott Learning Centre


Students Against Drinking & Driving Contest Winner from Prescott

Since 2012, Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) Alberta, in partnership with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC), has coordinated their Liquor Bag Campaign, whereby Alberta students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 can add their personal message about the dangers of impaired driving to a paper liquor bag. Once the students complete their messaging, an adult or teacher collects the bags and distributes them to local liquor stores for use with regular sales. This activity assists educators in continuing the conversation about the dangers of drinking and driving, and also involves members of the community.

There is no cost to the school or students. SADD Alberta received orders for over 65,000 bags from more than 250 schools including a number of participating Parkland School Division Schools.

Congratulations to Prescott Learning Centre’s Ashlynn Skiba who is the First Place winner in Category 1 for Kindergarten to Grade 6 students.

“Impaired driving causes thousands of deaths every year in Canada, and it’s not always just the driver who is killed,” stated Ashlynn in her contest submission.

“I don’t think anyone should have to suffer the pain of losing a loved one or someone close because of impaired driving.”

Over the course of the 2017 campaign, students’ designs were collected and returned to local liquor stores to help spread the messages and warnings about drinking and driving. In addition to the thousands of bags delivered to liquor stores all over the province, over 300 submissions were entered into the design contest and Ashlynn’s was chosen as the best design for students in the Kindergarten to Grade 6 category.

The overall provincial winning design from Grade 11 student from Taber, AB, Portia Miller, will be distributed to liquor stores throughout Alberta prior to the May long weekend.  As Albertan’s celebrate this ‘first weekend of summer’, they often are making liquor purchases.  We know that messages like Ashlynn’s on the bags will make an impact.  They will make someone reconsider their choices and will help to keep Albertan’s safe on a weekend that historically sees impaired driving related tragedy


More details on the campaign can be found on SADD’S website at this link.

Congratulations Ashlynn!  Thank you for the fantastic work you did on your liquor bag design and also for your strong voice and conviction in standing up against impaired driving. Remember that ‘Friends Don’t Let Friend’s Drink & Drive’.