Prescott Learning Centre


Important Student Safety During Drop Off and Pick Up at Prescott

There are several issues that have been raised with respect to child safety and parking at Prescott Learning Centre by both our Parents and Spruce Grove Bylaw Enforcement:

  1. For parents who park on the south side of the school on Prospect Way facing east, please do not encourage or allow your children to walk/run across the road in between parked cars. Children need to go to the corners to cross at the south east and south west side of the school and cross safely.

  2. For parents who are dropping their children off behind the school on Prescott Close to cut through the fence to access the grade 1/2 portable door, we have been advised by Bylaw Enforcement that the lots currently being developed are not public property and that this is trespassing.

  3. There are a limited number of parking spaces in the front of the school. If you arrive at the school and there aren’t  any spaces available, please park elsewhere (i.e. on the street in front of the school). Parking in the middle of the road is never OK and creates safety hazards for children and increases the likelihood for drivers (who might be backing out or leaving their parking spot) of not being able to see your child/children.

  4. Beaverbrook does not allow Prescott parents to park in their lot as it is a separate business and those spots are for community members accessing the services at Beaverbrook.

  5. Also, please do not drop off or pick up in the Staff Parking lot at the back.

We are sure that everyone will agree that our children’s safety is paramount! We appreciate your attention to these details! Please note, there is supervision until 3:15 each day outside and the parking lot clears out by 3:10 on most days.