Prescott Learning Centre


IMPORTANT - Peanut Allergies at Prescott

Some of our students at Prescott have life-threatening allergies to peanutsThe only way to ensure a safe environment for these children is to make our school PEANUT-AWARE. To do this we need everyone's cooperation.

How can we ensure the safety of all of our students?

  • Please do not send any peanut products to school.  

  • Please check the ingredients of all foods your children bring to school.

In a classroom setting, cross-contamination is the greatest risk from this type of allergy.

Cross-contamination can occur when a few crumbs from one child's snack are dropped and then picked-up by an allergic child.  

Another safety concern is when a student with peanut butter residue on their hands may touch a book, iPAD, or a ball and unknowingly spread the residue to a child with severe allergy. 

With your co-operation we can minimize the risk of an allergic reaction and keep our students safe.

Thank you for your attention to this important safety matter!


Our procedure is in accordance with Parkland School Division Administrative Procedure AP 319– Life Threatening Allergies.