Prescott Learning Centre


Christmas Concert Tickets

Concert tickets are coming home with your child today!

Due to fire regulations and gym capacity, every family with children in grades 1-3 will receive 3 tickets for the 1-3 evening concert, and every family with children in grades 4-6 will receive 3 tickets for the 4-6 evening concert. If you have children performing both evenings, you will receive 3 tickets for each performance. Tickets will be sent home with the youngest child in each concert group. Students who are performing do not need tickets, as they will be in their classrooms. Your tickets will have the concert grade level and dates on them.

The dress rehearsal performances are on November 27th@1:15pm (grade 4-6) and November 28th @9:30am (grade 1-3). A ticket is not required and extra family are welcome to attend, if there are not enough tickets for the evening performance. Tickets are also not required for the Kindergarten Concerts. Dates and times can be reached through the link below.

*If you do not need all 3 tickets, we kindly ask that you return the extras to the school with your child so that we can give them to people who may need extras by Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

*If you need extra tickets, please email the school office, with your name and the number of extra tickets needed, and we will put your name on a waiting list. We will contact families who need extra tickets by Friday, November 24th, if we have extra.

We will be hosting 7 Concerts, 2 for grade 1-3 students, 2 for our grade 4-6 students and 3 for our little Kindergartens.

Click here for concert dates and times.