Prescott Learning Centre


Student Safety

Ensuring student safety is of utmost importance to us at Prescott Learning Centre.

We are asking for your support with the following:

1. We have a designated student drop off & pick up zone in front of Prescott Learning Centre.

2. It has been brought to our attention that some parents / guardians are picking up or dropping off their children on Prospect Way (which is south of the school)

When possible, please park on the road closest to the school so your children don't have to cross the road to get to your vehicle.

*If you are parked facing west, your children have close and safe access to the sidewalk.

*If you are parked facing East, your children will be directed to cross the street at the “unmarked crosswalk” at the corner of Pioneer Road & Prospect Way.

Please Note:

**It is not safe to have your children crossing the street in between vehicles.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation so that all of our children remain safe during drop off & pick up times at Prescott Learning Centre.