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Jocelyn Wolff

Grade 8 Teachers

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About Me

I am honoured and thrilled to be joining the vibrant learning community at Prescott Learning Centre, dedicated to sparking students’ imaginations and fostering a love of learning! I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with such an amazing team and am excited to learn from, and contribute to, the innovative and spirited community at Prescott Learning Centre.

Education has the power to connect students between each other and within themselves, especially in learning environments that promote connectivity, courage and compassion towards self and others; the Prescott Learning Centre is such a learning environment and I feel privileged to be working alongside our leaders in education.

My philosophy of education takes on a holistic approach, in that I view the whole child as an active agent in the learning process. Essentially, I have a more progressive, yet balanced, take on education. For example, some of the aspects I consider as an educator and lifelong learner include: a) The process of learning, b) The question of: "How may this lesson connect to the lives of our students?", c) Active participation and experimentation in the learning process and d) The idea that textbooks and other learning resources are tools, rather than an authority. I look forward to joining the Prescott staff, as we work with students, parents, community partners and each other to co-create quality learning opportunities for all!