Prescott Learning Centre


Student will be leading a Blanket Exercise for Parents

On Thursday March 2nd, 2017 6:30pm - 7:40pm four grade 7&8 students will be leading our School Council and Parents in the Blanket Exercise.

The Blanket Exercise is a hands-on learning experience focused on helping people understand the historic and contemporary relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. This powerful interactive exercise gives students and parents the opportunity to step into the role of Indigenous peoples of Canada and learn first-hand Canada’s history told through the lens of the Indigenous people.

As part of the Blanket Exercise, participants will be introduced to and have the opportunity to participate in smudging. Smudging is a part of the First Nation culture and is a respected traditional teaching.  It is a natural way to help us cleanse our body, mind and spirit so that we might rid ourselves of any negative energy or thoughts and to help us to be mindful to the present moment and to honor our personal experiences.  The medicine for the smudge will be sage, a natural herb gathered on the prairies which is often used by our First Nation people in ceremony.  

Our school division has a smudging protocol which allows us to smudge in our schools.  We are honored to have Parkland School Division support these traditional teachings as we know that it is part of our way forward with Truth and Reconciliation.

The Blanket Exercise will finish with everyone having an opportunity to share their reflections in a sharing circle. Our focus is one of positivity, relationship building and finding ways to work together to move forward.