Prescott Learning Centre


Celebration of Learning Clarification

A couple of questions have come to us and we thought the answers might be helpful to more than a few.

1. If I come in the morning to the Celebration of Learning do I need to come in the evening as well?

Answer: No. This is not a conference or an interview; it is an opportunity to see your child/children in his/her learning environment during their regular school day. If you are not able to come during the day, please come for 15 minutes in the evening to have your child show off what they are learning.

2. Do I need to stay for the whole 2 hours?

Answer: No. Parents are invited to come for 15 minutes during the morning. If you come in the evening, you and your child do not need to stay any longer than it takes for your child to walk you through their learning.

Please feel free to get back to us with any other questions you may have.

See you tomorrow!