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Prescott CTF/Option Descriptions- Term 2

This is information only, students will make their choices on Tuesday, December 20th. If you have questions, please feel free to email us at

Below are the tentative CTF Choices for Term 2. Grade 6 students will participate in Options on Wednesday, so they will choose from Choice A. Grade 7 & 8 will select from both lists.

We will have students select their CTF choices on Tuesday, December 20th, 2016 in class. For Term 2, grade 7’s will get first pick, for term 3, grade 6’s will get first pick. The grade 8’s had first pick for term 1.

Wednesday, CTF Choice A (Grade 6 ,7 & 8)

Is this News Real or Fake? Let’s Debate!- Miss Ariss

In this CTF Challenge you will learn how to tell the difference between real news and fake news. Can you tell the difference between real and fake news? How do you know that what you are reading and hearing about is the truth? Learn how the media is run and how to formulate your own opinion. We will be debating current events happening around the world and learning how to support our arguments with factual evidence.*Access to a chromebook, laptop or tablet is required* Cell phones welcome.

Yoga and Mindfulness- Mrs. Khondowe

Channel your inner peacefulness in this course to practice mindfulness and yoga. You will learn basic yoga poses and breathing techniques to build core strength and flexibility while engaging in mindful practices. Cost: $15.00 for a yoga mat unless you bring your own

Marvelous Mentors - Ms. Garrison

Are you interested in become a leader for younger students in our fabulous school?  This course would provide you with opportunities to work in K through 4 classrooms helping younger students learn in different ways. You would be a mentor, a leader and  a  classroom assistant. Building relationships and connections with kids in all corners of the school is a great way to become a leader within Prescott's new culture and community. This class is fun, exciting and is bursting with opportunities for leadership. Students and teachers need your help!

STOMP NYC- Mr. Bures

Who needs a drum set to drum? You might have seen it on a street corner: someone jamming with nothing more than hanging keys and plastic pails. Join us and you will learn all about rhythm, groovy beats, pop tunes and more. Our final project will be creating your very own "rhythm band" and performing in the style of STOMP NYC. Drum sticks provided. The rest is up to you! Cost: $6-8

Foods Media - Mrs. Saysana

It’s never too early to learn the art of cooking! In this CTF you will learn how to create easy snacks, appetizers and desserts...who doesn’t love to eat! Cost: $40

The Artist’s Room - Mrs. Haggarty

Students will choose one or two artists to research - anyone of your choice, from graffiti artists like  Banksy, to Frida Kahlo or Monet - and will have a short set of guiding research questions. Using their research,   students will create a three dimensional "diorama" that depicts what they imagine the home of the artist to look like, complete with plaster figures, and mini-reproductions of their art work using appropriate media for the task.  These "rooms" will be constructed into a giant apartment building and will become a feature display in the school. Cost: $10.00

Tinkercad - Mr. Byrne

Ever wanted to be a 3-D designer?  Now you can!  Tinkercad is a simple, online 3D design and 3D printing program for everyone.  Tinkercad is used by designers, hobbyists, teachers, and kids, to make toys, prototypes, home decor, Minecraft models, jewelry – the list is truly endless!  Cost: To be determined

Theatre - Mrs. Dallinger

Do you hear the applause? You will after you spend this option time creating a fantastic dramatic production! Dedication, willingness to work hard and enthusiasm are required for this option. Cost: $25

Follow the Leader - Mrs. Badry

Prescott is a brand new school.  How can we, as leaders, encourage school spirit in and around our school community? In this challenge, you will have the opportunity to organize and implement school events and fundraisers, as well as community service opportunities. The events you plan will reflect the needs of our school and community and will help create Prescott’s identity.

Friday - CTF/Option Choice B (Grade 7 & 8)

Prescott’s MasterChef  -Mrs. Khondowe

Do you have what it takes to be a "Master Chef"? In this CTF challenge, you will propose a menu item based on nutrition, cost, presentation, variety, food preference/allergies, and appeal. You will then pitch your proposal to the class and the class will make a collaborative decision on which menu to cook. Cost: $40.00

Digital Musicians and DJ Style - Mr. Bures

Ever wonder what goes in to your favorite music? Much more than singing and playing instruments! Join us to learn all about how we can use electronics to create our own funky tunes. We will learn how to become DJ's, sound editors, producers, and performers by looking at all kinds of music and digital editing techniques. Devices required (laptop/chromebook, tablet, etc.), but the final project is up to you! Need: Chromebook, Laptop or Tablet. Phones are an asset as well.

Coding: Making and Creating with the Language of Technology - Mr. McLean

Working through computer programs that support the learning of computer coding languages, we will gain the skills necessary to move to a place of creation. We will use the skills we acquire to create something that would appeal to our classmates, our community or another stakeholder group.  Cost: None

Strategy and Design - Mr. Oldham

Through learning and play with various classroom games, students will learn about problem solving, developing strategy, collaboration, decision making, communication, and adaptation. Cost: $5.00

Improv - Mrs. Schamehorn

Are you funny, witty, smart, sharp, quick on your feet, class clown, the fall guy, silly, thoughtful...are you any adjective? If the answer is yes, you can be an improviser!   

Behind the Scenes- Mrs. Dallinger

Do you love the stage but not the acting? Are you wanting to learn about theatre without the stress of performing? Join "Behind the Scenes" you will learn about lighting, staging, prop work, costume work, sound work and stage management.

Cell Phone Photography - Mrs. Haggarty

Learn about the basics of composing and editing a good photograph using devices.  Using various themes, students will be posting to the Prescott Instagram account, and documenting interesting things in and around our learning community.  Students must bring a device that can take photos.   A professional photographer will be brought in as a guest speaker to give feedback and some helpful hints!

Go Girls - Mrs. Badry

This option is only for grade 8 girls. The goal of this option is to explore many of the pressures young women are faced with today, as well as, on a personal level to develop coping skills, self-awareness and confidence. Through discussion of various topics and providing engaging activities, students will develop personal skills needed to navigate through life.  Some of the key concepts and topics to be covered are; self image,  influence of media and pop culture , identity and relationships, and personality profiling. There will be a combination of onsite as well as off site activities. Course Fee:  $35

*Please note, these are subject to change depending on student interest, challenges may be added, changed or deleted*


Our goal with the student option & CTF programs at Prescott is to match teacher expertise with student passion. We are very excited to offer a variety of CTF challenges related to, the fine arts, foods, athletics, technology, media & journalism, creative writing, french and leadership. We will send post a more detailed list of choices for the students to choose from once we have had the opportunity to hear what they are intersted in. Our program offerings will change throughout the school year as we respond to the interests of our students and expertise of our teachers.